How to Install SPC Flooring?

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Many consumers are wondering is vinyl SPC flooring easy to install? After reading this article you will have the answer.

SPC Flooring Installation Instructions

1. Insert the B plank convexly into the existing groove and lock it flat.

install spc flooring

2. After the flattening, the distance between the B and the C tiles is about 2-3 mm into a parallel line.

spc flooring planks

3. Lift the A and B plank at the same time (about 45 degrees from the ground).

4. Push the surface of the B towards the C until they locked together.

click lock spc flooring

5. Press the A and B down with the palm of your hand, do not force the floor too hard.

press tiles on floor

6. After the assembly is completed, the floor is flat and seamless. If the floor is uneven or has gaps, you need to lift them gently. The angle is locked, and the floor will be leveled automatically after being fastened.

Vinyl Flooring Installation Preparation

installation vinyl flooring


When calculating the floor demand according to the building area, the loss is generally 5%. If installed at a certain angle, the loss is generally 10 ~ 15%


Before installation, it is necessary to allow 2 days to adapt the floor to the new environment. Place the vinyl SPC flooring tile horizontally on a flat floor. The indoor temperature is controlled between 18 ° C and 29 ° C. Do not unpack. Take care to avoid direct sunlight and large temperature changes.

Ground Floor

Suspended installation floor is generally required on plywood, OSB board, tile or cement self-leveling floor. If it is installed on the original floor, the original floor must be firmly nailed or glued to the ground and must be flat. The floor of wooden plywood, OSB boards or boards must be flat.

The unevenness of the base layer should be less than 2 millimeters within the range of 2 meters ruler. Otherwise, suitable self-leveling should be used for leveling. If there is no moisture-proof treatment on the original floor, a layer of waterproof polyethylene film (film and film overlap 20cm) should be laid.

Cleaning and dust removal is required before installation to ensure that the ground is free of debris or gravel, and that the ground is dry, clean and level.

Download SPC Flooring Installation Guideline