Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring – The Revolutionary SPC

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When talking about the advantages of rigid core vinyl flooring, “environmental friendly” is mentioned many times. Rigid core is composed of calcium carbonate and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). That is why it is called SPC (stone polymer composite).

Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Plank Is Clean

How can PVC be environmentally friendly? Chinese consumers are caucious about plastics. The term “plastic” gives common Chinese impression of low-grade and harmful to health. However, in developed countries in Europe and the United States, the public generally recognizes that polyvinyl chloride is an environmentally friendly material. For example, polyvinyl chloride is often used in tableware, medical equipment, and so on. This is a very clean material. SPC flooring has been widely recognized and applied in Europe and the United States.

Thanks to durability and waterproof performance, SPC flooring can replace traditional wooden flooring such laminate flooring and ceramic tiles. This has become the industry consensus. SPC floor itself is a cross-border product.

Commercial Flooring Using SPC

Rigid core flooring is currently mainly used for commercial spaces such as hotels, apartments, hospitals, public places and so on. Many SPC flooring manufacturers in China use the commercial flooring as a breakthrough point. They cooperate with builders and designers to promote SPC flooring.

The industry predicts that the share of rigid core vinyl flooring in the home improvement market will continue to rise and enter an explosive period within three years. It can replace laminate flooring and ceramic tiles. So the market space is very large.

Ideal Flooring For Second Hand Houses

The renovation of second-hand houses is the hotspot. SPC floor will be more applied to the renovation of second-hand houses. That is because SPC plank is thin and can be directly laid on existing floor.

Consumers Awareness For Rigid Core

Ordinary consumers in China have fears on vinyl flooring. has become the focus of the current promotion of SPC. SPC flooring companies should spend time to change consumer perceptions.

The entire industry needs to work together to strengthen the awareness cultivation. The entire industry will come together to standardize the quality standards of SPC flooring, including the installation and use standards.

Technology & Installation Improvement

SPC flooring has many advantages such as fire resistance, water resistance, environmental protection, zero formaldehyde, and durability. However, its abrasion and scratch resistance are slightly lower than laminate flooring and stone tiles.

The installation process needs improvement. Especially those occasion when there is exisiting floor. Such as bathrooms, kitchens and balconies. Need to improve the process of wall mounting.